"Daddy's Home"

 The following are some words from Dom's wonderful wife, Marla Marie Mircovich...

It's a good thing Domenick saw that pen in my wallet 15 years ago up at Hunter Mountain (neither one of us was a skier, so it had to be destiny), otherwise I never would have given him my phone number, because I really did not want to and it just amazed me that no one in Slopes had a pen to offer, not even the bartenders. But, God Bless Him, he was persistent and he got my number and the rest is history.

He gave me the best years of my life, 15 wonderful years and never, ever a dull moment. Many happy ones, a few sad ones. Many good ones, very few bad. Very many funny moments, some quite embarrassing. Not a regret amongst them. Dom lived life to the fullest and made use of every second it had to offer. He always had something to do, and being a firm believer of doing things right, he did them well. I think it was Tony Iulo that said Dom was going to organize "The million things to do march,' but that Dom would not be able to march in it because he'd have a million things to do!

One of the greatest things he did was to be the best daddy any child or mother could ask for. From the moment they were born to that 'Big Hug' we shared on that last night we spent together. Domenick was proud of his children: Dom Jr., his first born, his son, his namesake, and he shared his love for sports; Marisa, his girly girl who would wait up for him when he came home late from work, then sit on his lap and share his dinner and no matter how tired he was he'd read her a bedtime story; and then there's daddy's little girl, Luiza, whom he lovingly called 'Lulu'. They would sit out on the deck at night and look at the twinkle stars. One night Lulu was not sleeping well and she woke up crying and told her 'dadda' that she wanted to see 'twinkle twinkle' and even though he had to go to work that day, at 4:00am he got up and took her out there. Domenick would do anything and everything that he could for his children.

Domenick was a great family man, he had a great respect for his parents and he loved them dearly, as he did his sisters and their families. Domenick treated my family as though they were his own. Whether you were family, a friend, a co-worker, an acquaintance or even a stranger, Dom would treat you with respect. He was a great man whose life touched many lives.

I miss him; I miss hearing the kids scream that "daddy's home, daddy's home!!!" Well, daddy is home, he's home with God.

-Marla Marie Mircovich