"Hey, Hey, Mosh, Mosh"

Our family and friends hosted a great surprise 40th Birthday Party for Dom on February 3, 2001. The song below was written and sung by his friends.


"Hey, Hey, Mosh, Mosh"

(Sung to the tune of Neil Young's "My My Hey Hey")

Hey, Hey, Mosh, Mosh
Why do your stories never die?
I try hard to listen,
But my brain gets fried,
Hey, Hey, Mosh, Mosh

Always running a pool
Or working in the back
We're here for his birthday
So let's get whacked!
He's the first to turn 40
But here come Dino, Tony, Bob and Mac
Hey, we're all getting old
Look at my head, it's hair that I lack

Hey, Hey, Mosh, Mosh
Why do your stories make us cry?
I'd say you look good for 40
But I don't like to lie
Hey, Hey, Mosh, Mosh

I'm at the DMV
And I feel rotten
Stales is gone
But he's not forgotten
Micina and Maruci got here
They thought they were going to AC
The kids are here
But Gill's forgotten

Mosh, Mosh, Hey, Hey
40th Birthday and you're not yet gray
We all wish you the best
Though you've got too much too say
Mosh, Mosh, Hey, Hey